Hello! I'm Gabe Landau, a Web & Mobile Development major pursing a bachelors degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology as part of the IT department. I enjoy developing applications for web environments, and I love discovering new frameworks and technologies that are becoming prevalent in the technology and computer science industry.


Languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (with the Node.js environment). Limited knowledege in PHP, MySQL, and Java.

Frameworks & Libraries: Express, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, Bulma.io, EJS, Pug

Software & Computing Technologies: Unix (terminal), Windows, macOS, Node.js, SSH/FTP, SoftLayer, Azure

Work Experience

RIT Student Government | Director of Services & Software Engineer
Rochester, NY | October 2017 - Present

Managing a team of software engineers, graphic designers, and systems administrators to create and maintain a number of web application that are enjoyed by RIT students. Duties include:

  • Conducting interviews and hiring new team members
  • Holding team meetings and managing a project management scrum board
  • Overseeing development and performing code reviews on GitHub

Relevant Skills: Team management, Scrum, time management, general software knowledge

Constant Contact | Software Engineer
Waltham, MA | May 2017 - August 2017

Working on the contacts team on multiple web-based projects:

  • Signup Forms: Dynamically generated embedded email list signup forms. Built with JavaScript using Backbone and other frameworks.
  • List Segmentation: A project to divide contact lists into small groups for fine-grained customization.

Relevant Skills: Web development, JavaScript, Backbone, AWS, Unix (bash and zsh), Node.js

MindStream Analytics | Web Application Developer
Boston, MA | May 2016 - July 2017

Working with a development team on creating different web-based applications. Current projects include:

  • Cloud Connector: A program built to serve data between two Oracle cloud-based applications. Developed in the MEAN stack using an Express REST API, an Angular front-end, and MongoDB to store short-term user data.
  • ER Form: A program built for the Telluride medical center to serve as an intake form for emergency room patients. Built using PHP to connect to a Python backend and JavaScript (with jQuery) for front-end animations.

Relevant Skills: Web development, JavaScript, MEAN Stack development, Node.js

Rochester Institute of Technology | ITS Technician
Rochester, NY | October 2015 - July 2017

Working on a team that provides tier 2, enterprise level computer/network support to RIT students and staff. Responsibilities include:

  • Software/Drivers: Software/driver installations, troubleshooting, virus removal, etc.
  • Hardware: Hardware installation, troubleshooting, RMAs, replacements, etc.
  • Network: Domain management, SCCM, Active Directory, network-wide anti-virus, etc.

Relevant Skills: Hardware and software knowledge, network knowledge, basic development skills


Conspiracy Ipsum | Lead Developer
Current Project

"Conspiracy Ipsum" is a spin-off of the typical "Lorem Ipsum" generator that is used for generating placeholder text in web-development and other related fields. Instead of generating the typical Latin text, this project will generate text taken from popular conspiracy theories and present it in a readable format.

The program is being developed in JavaScript, using Angular to build a front-end interface with easy data-binding. Future updates include connecting a NoSQL database (MongoDB), an Express API, etc.

NXP Freescale Cup Race | Programmer and Car Builder
Imagine RIT Project - May 2016

Using a barebones kit, teams build cars with line-scan cameras and program the car in whatever manner they choose to drive along a path, following a line painted on the ground. Cars are judged based on speed, and are disqualified if they de-rail.

Our car was programmed in MatLab, using an PID controller as the primary means of controlling the car. Different MatLab features assisted with connecting to the motor, wheels, etc.


Rochester Institute of Technology | B.S. Web and Mobile Computing
Expected Graduation: May 2019

Studying Web and Mobile Computing (a new major under the IT department), leaning different languages, technologies, and practices used to develop modern web-based and mobile-based applications. Studying with a concentration in web development and an undeclared immersion.

Relevant courses include:

  • Web & Mobile I and II
  • Database and Data Modeling
  • Modern Information Processing
  • Computational Problem Solving


Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity | Treasurer, House Manager, and Web Developer
Initiated November 2015

Joined the local RIT chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternited the fall of my freshman year of college.

  • Treasurer: Developed the chapter budget, managed membership dues, and managed a QuickBooks account
  • House Manager: Attended weekly meetings with the RIT Residence Life staff, managed a chores list, etc.
  • Web Developer: Developed a WordPress website for the general public to learn more about our chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. Link can be found here.