Skills & Interests

Languages: Currently, I work almost entirely with ES6 JavaScript. I also am proficient with Java and Python, and have limited knowledge with PHP.

Frameworks and Libraries: Within the JavaScript land, I am a React engineer at heart, but have used other frameworks like Vue.js and Backbone.js. I mostly work with Node.js for backend work with frameworks like Express.

Software & Computing Technology: I'm a macOS user, but I use Windows as well. I use the ZSH shell, and know SSH, Git (a little SVN), and have some experience with CI & CD tooling.

Work Experience

Currently, I work as a Software Engineer II for Constant Contact. Using React, I work on the company's flagship email editor, used by hundreds of thousands of customers world wide.

When I was in school at RIT, I worked as the Director of Services for RIT Student Government. There, I managed a small team of developers, graphic designers, and system administrators to produce and maintain the web-based services that we offered to RIT students. These included PawPrints and more.


Feel free to send me a message, find me on social media, or download my resume.